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Qatar – Counsellor « Circular Economy and Solid Waste Management » at the Ministry of Municipality (M/W)

Mission description

Positioned within the Qatari Ministry in charge of the circular economy, the expert will advise the Qatari authorities on the deployment of the new waste management strategy, the Environmental management systems ISO 14001 implementation and will bring his/her expertise and good practices in terms of solid waste management and the circular economy.

Qatar’s priorities in this area are the collection and management of solid waste, waste treatment, upgrading or environmental rehabilitation of existing landfills, Transfer stations and Material recovery facilities operations.

This involves supporting the Ministry on the Environmental management systems ISO 14001 implementation as well as on the aspect of appeal to the private sector – the expert will rely on the solid presence of French companies in terms of circular economy and waste treatment.


Main tasks and expected results:

More specifically, the expert will work on the Environmental management systems ISO 14001 implementation on the Landfills, Transfer stations, Material recovery facilities an Al-Afjah special area for the recycling and waste treatment. A preliminary study has been conducted by the government whose results will be shared with the expert. The expert will help structure within this zone the ISO 14001.

This includes but not limited to:

  • The analysis of the local conditions and the proposing of routes to implement ISO 14001;
  • The analysis of the existing waste treatment workflow (control procedures, data collection and KPIs) and the proposition of an updated waste treatment workflow considering the new strategy and ISO 14001;
  • Recommendations concerning the best waste collection, treatment/recycling and landfilling system based on the specific conditions of the special zone according with ISO 14001;

Project or context description

Project description:


The State of Qatar is implementing an ambitious reform of its solid-waste management system with the objective to develop a circular economy in Qatar. Currently preparing a carbon-neutral World Cup, and aware of the damage caused by significant local pollution, the Emirate is now working to implement the overhaul of the system through the reform of the existing regulations, the development of new retreatment/recycling industries and by involving the private sector. This ambition gained new momentum in March 2022 with the presentation of the national strategy for solid waste management.



Host structure description:


The Ministry of Municipality (previously Ministry of Municipality and Environment until October 2021) is mainly active in urban planning and infrastructures, and agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture. Within the Ministry of Municipality, the Technical Expert will be positionned under the authority of the Under-Secretary of State for Public Services Affairs Sherida Sultan Al Rumaihi, and under the operational supervision of Hamad Jassim Al-Bahar, Director of the Department of Waste Processing and of Recycling.

Within the ministry, the Department is notably responsible for the development of the circular economy in Qatar and the overhaul of the waste treatment system. In accordance with the new 2022-2030 strategy announced in this area, the objective is to put in place economic models capable of integrating public priorities for improving the quality of service (particularly from an environmental point of view), cost optimization and the requirements of investors and private operators. This strategy aims at minimizing waste, improving sorting, collection and recycling, with a particular effort on the Environmental management systems ISO 14001 and improving governance relating to solid waste.

Review clause at the end of the first year with the Ministry of Municipality.

Required profile

Skills and work experience :

  • Degrees: Master 2 level in the field of the circular economy and solid-waste management
  • 10 years experience notably within the French Ministry of Ecological Transition or within decentralized administration or other public agencies, in the sectors of circular economy and solid waste management.
  • Knowledge of French operators involved in the circular economy and solid waste management in France and abroad.
  • Familiarity with the French and European regulatory and legislative framework for the circular economy necessary for the structuration of the necessary value chains to handle solid waste.
  • Previous experience in Environmental management systems ISO 14001 (implementation and supervision)
  • International experience required.
  • Ability to work in an intercultural environment.
  • Adaptability and flexibility.
  • Good oral and written communication.

Additional information

  • Experience of the Middle-East area.
  • Proficiency in English and French.
  • Knowledge of Arabic would be a plus.

Deadline for application : 30/09/2022 16:25

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